Thinking about what to wear

Its Picture day, get the kids together clean them up brush their teeth and get them out the door, Oh yea you need to get them dressed.

This may seem easy, but it can make or break a photo shoot.

A few tips to make it easier for family shots

  • Start with talking to your photographer
  • Think about the background your wanting to use, again talk to your photographer
  • Solid colors will look best, patterns can make the picture look to busy
  • For family shots matching colors are the best, white or black with blue jeans. Other colors could be hard to match and could take away from the picture its really about faces, unless your shooting fashion. 
  • Don't sweat it, no need to stress, just ask your photographer. Making this easy for you is part of our job
  • For kids shots sometimes its ok to have some fun, pick cloths to match their personality. Remember that you are capturing a moment of their lives. Anyways their only that age for a short time and years from now you will look back and laugh, or maybe embarrass them later at their graduation or wedding.
  • This should be fun, happy times make for great photos to last a lifetime.

So talk to your photographer, don't stress we got this, kids scream and cry, teens don't want to be there, girls want to be princesses and boys want to be tough, but getting the family together is priceless.